What is Sow, Grow, Harvest, Rest?

This is a newsletter for old souls who want to slow down, simplify and connect with the seasons.

Here’s what I share in my monthly free newsletter the last Sunday of every month:

·      Creative ideas to inspire you to celebrate the seasons and nature, and reconnect with the rhythms of the year.

·      Tips and guidance for simplifying and nurturing new habits of slow living to make and celebrate everyday magic.

·      Seasonal recipes and simple craft projects to build your skills and find more joy in slow hobbies.

·      A celebration of the nostalgic and homespun: simple pleasures inspired by the seasons and the Celtic Wheel of the Year that everyone can enjoy.

·      A community of like-minded folks in your inbox cheering you on: it is hard to slow down in such a sped-up world, but you’re not alone.

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My paid subscriber tier is for extra, bonus content around living slowly and seasonally as well as the ability to participate in a private reader community - including my seasonal reading group. I publish content around the following headings:

  • Rosie Makes: craft projects, extra recipes and exclusive opportunities to be involved in the development of exciting projects! Watch this space…

  • Edinburgh and Scotland Slow Living Guides: my favourite local places to visit in Edinburgh and further afield, as well as Scottish makers that share my ethos.

  • Home Updates: seasonal decorating, renovating updates (topical at the moment!) interior tips and step-by-step styling how-tos and videos.

  • Community Focus: discussion threads on all things seasonal, slow living, and the Celtic Wheel of the Year, Question and Answer sessions where you can ask me anything, a seasonal reading group.

  • The Creative Life: personal updates on projects I’m working on, interviews with other authors and creatives, and a look behind the scenes of publishing.

Who is Rosie?

I am an author and photographer who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m a Times-published journalist, lifestyle blogger and content creator and regularly collaborate on my Instagram (@everythinglooksrosie) with lifestyle brands such as Toast, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Boden and Denby.

By day I am an English teacher, so I know what it means to need to slow down and take stock, balancing the demands of a busy day job with the need to rest and recuperate. I have also lived alongside mental illness for three decades, and the cycle of the seasons, nature, crafting and baking have all had a therapeutic impact on my life, keeping me grounded in the here and now.

I write about slow, seasonal living inspired by Scottish folklore on my blog, Everything Looks Rosie and in this newsletter. I am represented by Megan Staunton at Bergstrom Studio and am currently working on my first book (more exciting news on that soon)!

Why Subscribe?

My readers are all old souls, as am I. They defy age brackets: they might be “grand-millennials” like me, or they may be younger or older.

What they do have in common is a desire for a more natural, slower, sustainable way of living inspired by nature and nostalgia, and to be more present throughout the year. My readers want to learn practical skills, to connect with like-minded individuals and to create stronger ties between inner and outer worlds.

‘Sow, Grow, Harvest, Rest’ is not about glamorous crafts or expensive things. You don’t need to live in an idyllic country cottage. I’m writing to you from my thrifted table in my one-bedroom city tenement.

My newsletters are rooted in the seasons and small, daily joys that anyone – regardless of location or size of your home – can enjoy.

‘Sow, Grow, Harvest, Rest’ is a practical resource but also a friendly community. I will guide and inspire you to slow down, simplify and celebrate the everyday.

Here are some lovely things readers have said about me and my newsletter:

“Rosie's beautiful, seasonal vignettes are a balm in troubled times – I'm soothed by scenes of her lovely home. Rosie inspires her followers to notice and celebrate the passing months through books, crafts, baking and gentle styling.” - Laura, author of ‘Little Stories of my Life’ and Substack Small Stories with Laura Pashby.

“I am so much more conscious of seasonal changes thanks to you. I’m so grateful for your prompts and inspiration. I’ve learned so much about letting the seasons guide me more in my day to day. It’s such a lovely offset to my hurried urban life.” - Vilupa.

“Just wanted to say what a lovely cake this made - I have struggled to bake with nuts and fruit in cakes without them coming out dense/undercooked and this recipe worked a treat, and I added a cheeky chocolate ganache drizzle on top 🤫 I also loved making the elderflower and strawberry Victoria sponge from earlier this summer, which was a beauty. So hard to find recipes online that consistently give great results! Such simple yet delicious baking 💙” - Ella

Where else can you find me?

Instagram: @everythinglooksrosie

Blog: everythinglooksrosie.com

Twitter: @LooksRosie

Pinterest: Everything Looks Rosie

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This is a newsletter for old souls who want to slow down, simplify and connect with the seasons.


Everything Looks Rosie

I am an author who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland represented by Megan Staunton at Bergstrom Studio. I’m currently working on my first book and create content online with brands such as Toast, Laura Ashley & Boden.